About us

Our Vision for the Future

Through floral fun, we strive to inform, entertain and inspire. Flowers are all about passion and we want to spread this passion. 

We’re determined to bring the grower who’s passionate about flowers and the florist who’s passionate about floral designs together. This way they can both profit from each other’s passion and knowledge to let their businesses bloom.


To help them improve their businesses further, we want to teach florists new techniques and share the feedback we received from florists with growers.

How it all started

After working in different fields within the flower industry and traveling to many countries all over the world, John Elstgeest decided it was time to combine two of his biggest passions: flowers and entertaining people.
During his business trips, John discovered that there was an enormous need for knowledge and inspiration within the flower industry. As the main focus was to sell flowers as quickly as possible, knowledge about flowers and new varieties and how to take care of them got lost somewhere in the chain. 

After talking with several floral designers, it was decided that it was time to launch Flower Circus. So, our circus hit the road to show, inform and entertain people with flowers. 

Where We Are Now

After our first show, lots of different cities from across the globe wanted to welcome Flower Circus to their town.  And, what a long way we’ve traveled since our first show! So far, we’ve had shows in more than 15 different countries!

In addition to these shows, Flower Circus also had a stand at several exhibitions. We showed the products from the companies that joined us both at our stand as well as on stage.

More shows also meant that we needed more Flower Magicians. Today we’re working with six leading Dutch flower designers on a regular basis. Though, what’s a circus without a ringmaster? So, later we also found a Ringmaster to present our shows.  

Even with our Ringmaster, this becomes a lot to juggle… Our team now also has a digital marketing juggler who’ll make sure that you find all the info about our shows.

Don't hesitate to contact Circus Director John directly

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