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For Your Big Day




Connecting Growers and Florists through Floral Entertainment

Making the best, or most beautiful flowers or plants isn’t just enough anymore. How do you get customers to ask for it, and pay an extra price because they appreciate your product? You have to be noticeable so people know your product and know-how and where to order them. 


People still want to ‘feel and smell’ the product before they start to buy. What’s better than show your product to (future) customers, and directly show them several ways of usage, so they directly get inspired as well.

What we do




Flower Shows

During the Flower Circus shows, we will promote your company and products. Our Flower Magicians and Ringmasters will not only show and tell about your product, but we will also show different ways how to use it.


After the show, you will receive a report about the shows, our findings, reactions of the wholesale and florists, and of course pictures of the show and the arrangements we made.
Prices to join a show start from € 300.


Flower Circus is attending exhibitions around the world. 

What is better than an independent company who is promoting your products?

Online Promotion

Our Social media jugglers can do magic for your social media accounts.

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