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Connecting Growers and Florists through Floral Fun

Before people buy a product, they want to feel and smell the product first. What better way to show your product to your potential customers than at an actual show? You can use this opportunity to show them all the different ways in which they can use your flowers.

Today it’s no longer enough just to grow beautiful flowers and plants. You have to stand out. Our shows help growers to stand out, inspire florists and wholesalers and ultimately grow their business.  

What we do







Flower Shows

During a Flower Circus show, we’ll promote your company and products. Our Flower Magicians and Ringmasters will show your product, share more information about it and demonstrate different ways how to use it.


After the show, you’ll receive a report about the show, our findings, a summary of the reactions of the florists and wholesalers, and, of course, photos that were taken during the show. 


Prices to join a show start at € 300.


Flower Circus loves to attend exhibitions around the world! 


What’s better than an independent company promoting your products?

Online Promotion

Our Social Media Jugglers can do magic for your social media accounts.


How many of your customers have you actually met in person? Most of them will never visit your company, but they definitely want to find out more about you via your website or social media accounts. It’s time to make sure your company looks its best for those visitors!

Our photographer is a former grower and knows how to make your company and flowers stand out from the crowd. Together with our social media specialist, they know exactly which pictures work best online.

How-to videos

No matter how beautiful your flowers are, most of the time they’re not sold as just a single bunch. In our entertaining how-to videos, we inspire florists with simple commercial arrangements that are guaranteed to wow. These videos help to boost the sales of wholesalers and florists, ultimately improving your sales too. It’s a win-win!
We create videos that are short, informative, easy to understand and suitable for all social media channels. With our how-to videos, you’ll grow your audience and reach thousands of florists all over the world.

“Promoting our Cymbidium via Flower Circus is the perfect way to reach our final customer and at the same time inspire them with our flowers.”

— Wim Bos, Special Orchids


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