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Meet the team

John Elstgeest

Flower Circus Director

Founder and director at Flower Circus. Starting Flower Circus helped him to finally combine his passion for promoting flowers, being on stage and entertain people. He is specialized in getting people enthusiastic about a product, not only by giving facts but by telling the story behind it.


With his artistic and charismatic way of storytelling during the show, he even gets the most critical florists positively involved with the products.

Jhon Koopman

The Ringmaster

Our Ringmaster John is showing his love for flowers in many ways. He is a former lily grower, a flower photographer, a promotional specialist at YourLily and a writer of children's books “Lili wants to bloom”… and this is not the end, Jhon also likes to be on the stage!

Being familiar with flower business and knowing people in the industry, he can inform and entertain at the same time. Some of his jokes are edgy, across the line and over more than one border. But hey, what can you expect of a guy who can’t grow up and make up his mind on what to do! His official title at Flower Circus is “Ringmaster”. But most of the time he looks more like the clown…

Julia Shutkevych

Digital Marketing Juggler

What is the circus without a Juggler? Julia juggles masterly with a bunch of "digital marketing balls" like social media, advertising, SEO and more to make sure that each flower show will be an unforgettable event not only for attendees but for all the flower circus community!

Mark Frank

Flower Magician

Apart from his passion for flowers and greens, Mark has a passion for confetti. Be careful when you visit a Flower Circus show with Mark as Flower Magician, you probably will end up with confetti in your hear, especially when you are in the front rows! Mark is a real Magician, he can do magic with flowers, with special attention to shapes, structures, and colors.

Mark, like all magicians, is traveling a lot, next to exhibitions and shows, he is also creating flower decorations for big events and hotels.

Martin Groen

Flower Magician

Martin has two big passions: flowers and cycling. We at Flower Circus are hoping that during one of our shows he will combine both.


Although we must say his work on stage is already more than spectacular. With his creative and commercial vision on how to run a flower shop, he can help every florist with some secret tips and tricks. 

Martin has his own flower shop in the northern part of Holland. He is a former Dutch champion in floristics and competed for Holland at the world championships in 2015 (top 10). He also decorated 4 royal weddings and travels all over the world to decorate exhibitions, shows and to do demonstrations.

Michael van Namen

Flower Magician

Although Michael van Namen is afraid of clowns, he is more than happy to perform in Flower Circus. He is a very energetic person, with an unbelievable passion for flowers. Don’t be surprised when he is running around the podium, jumping up and down during a show. Every time when he can share his love for flowers with other florists, he gets this exited!

Michael is living in the heart of the flower bulb district. During the annual Flower Parade, he is in one of the parade carts, which is decorated with bulb flowers, it’s a must-see! Michael also travels all over the world for decorations, exhibitions, and shows.

Ruud Hazelaar

Flower Magician

Ruud is a Flower Magician with a passion to share his knowledge and inspiration with other florists. His love for flowers was already there from a young age, whilst helping his uncle. Learning the skills from him, Ruud later developed his own style.

Nowadays Ruud is decorating exhibitions, events and of course doing demonstrations. He is a true flower lover. So much that we haven’t seen him in a t-shirt without flowers on it for many years!

Tineke Geerlings

Flower Magician

Crazy about flowers, that’s how we can best describe Tineke! Don’t be surprised when Tineke comes up with some floral magic, because her creativity doesn’t have any boundaries. We will never forget when she decorated the hair of a young florist while he was trying to make a bouquet on stage during a Flower Circus show…

Tineke is living in the heart of the flower bulb district. During the annual Flower Parade, she is joining a parade cart together with Michael, which is decorated with bulb flowers! She also decorates exhibitions, shops, and gives masterclasses.

Geertje Stienstra

Flower Magician

Innovation, surprise, emotion, and inspiration; they are keywords for the floral work that Geertje makes. By constantly devising techniques and shapes and combining materials other than usual, Geertje Stienstra keeps creating something new, something special, something unique. With her constant desire to design something new, she is a source of inspiration for many florists, and ready to share her passion for flowers with you.

This is why we are proud she is one of our Flower Magicians after she received her Flower Circus diploma and the official Flower Circus Red Nose.