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BREAKING NEWS: Secret of unboxing Anthuriums revealed by our Flower Magician

A well know problem for many florists for years is finally revealed by one of the Flower Magicians of Flower Circus.

The Anthurium is a beautiful flower which stands our in every arrangement. A real eye-catcher without any doubt. This is what all florists worldwide know for ages.

Only thing that was difficult with the usage of Anthuriums was the unboxing.

To make sure these beautiful flowers didn't damage during transport, the growers attached the flowers with adhesive tape to the boxes. Great to keep them save, only it frustrated a lot of florists worldwide how to unbox them with all that adhesive tape.

This is why breeder of Anthuriums Anthura BV asked Flower Circus for help to reveal the secret of how to unbox Anthuriums in a good and quick way.

Our Flower Magician will show you in less than 1,5 minute how to unbox a box of Anthuriums. So from now on the florists will never struggle again unboxing Anthuriums!!!

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