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Commercial Flower Arrangements Event in Slovenia

The unique collaboration between Flower Circus and Floweracademy.NL in Slovenia

On Sunday 26 January, for the first time, Flower Circus gave a show in Slovenia for 150 florists. The show was part of a multi-year inspiration and education program that has been organized and implemented by Floweracademy.NL for more than a decade.

This year the trend show was for the tenth time and it got an extra festive dimension through the collaboration with Flower Circus. On Monday and Tuesday, Slovenian florists also follow a course in which commercial flower work was the theme. The attention for commercial flower arrangements was also very well emphasized by the designer Mark Frank during the Flower Circus show.

Flower Circus director John Elstgeest presented the show in an interactive way to the 150 florists from Slovenia and Croatia. The show was opened by the deputy ambassador in Slovenia, Derk Jan Nauta. The web application range of InfoFlowersPlants, in which all products used during the show, also received a very positive response.

Lucas Jansen from Floweracademy.NL was particularly proud of his 2 former students of the Aalsmeer High School of Horticulture. It became clear that a collaboration that "tastes more" is created in this way.

All 3 companies have the goal to implement flower promotion through inspiration, information, and education in a modern way. Through cooperation with breeders, growers, green suppliers and with companies such as Flower Circus, Floweracademy.NL and InfoFlowersPlants, promotion goes “hand in hand”.

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