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Fall Arrangements by Tiffany van Lenten: Flower Circus Online Show

Friday the second of October it was time again for an Magical Online Flower Show.

This time it was Tiffany van Lenten who was the Flower Magician who could show her skills, and she really did!!!

In her first show she directly showed why she is a true Flower Magician. Tiffany made 6 great design, and had a bonus arrangement as well between 2 designs.

Her first piece was a a piece with pumpkins, she really gave it het own twist in the way she used the flowers in the pumpkins!

With her second piece she showed us she is not only a very talented designer, she can do magic with painting. The bowls she painted really made the flowers and colors stand out. She used a special technique to paint the bowls. Next to the bigger bowl she also made a smaller one which was painted with a different technique.

Her third piece was a piece with Germini's. with recycled bottles, a real trend at the moment. After that she made a frame bouquet with a rusted metal look frame (in fact it was a paper and Styrofoam frame. The colors again matched great with the flowers.

Tiffany continued with a bowl made of preserved leaves and she covered the bowl with 'stones' made out of biological floral foam. As Flowers she used beautiful Anthuriums which really looked great in this arrangement.

What is autumn without oak leaf? Tiffany used it in a different way, she made a frame of oak leaf, and used all types of red flowers for this framebouquet. The colors really worked, and people commented that she is a real Colorista!

The last piece was a beautiful frame which could be used for multiple purposes. Again Tiffany showed her her floral skills.

With already over 2.500 views from all over the world and loads of positive comments we look back at another great online show.

Next show will be November 6 with Flower Magician Ruud Hazelaar!!!

Want to promote your products in an original way to florists all over the world? Contact our Flower Circus Director John!

All the flowers and greens used in these wonderful wedding flower arrangements were provided by leading Dutch growers: Deliflor Chrysanten, Adomex, Kwekerij de Opstal, Special Orchids, Lugt Lisianthus Florein Gerbera and Anthura.

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