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FC Talks: Arjan Smit - Tulip Promotion Netherlands

In this episode we have Arjan Smit, Tulip grower, and chairman of Tulip Promotion Netherlands as our guest.

You probably guessed it: it's all about tulips!

With Arjan we Talk about this symbol of Holland. About the interesting history of the Tulip (and how it repeated).

We also talk about how long the breeding process is (a whole generation!) and how Tulips are grown, outside for the bulbs, and in the greenhouse for the flowers.

What started as a crazy idea 10 years ago of making a Tulip mosaic on the Dam Square in Amsterdam, is now one of the events that TPN organizes.

Tulip Days are now also organized in other countries, amongst other great initiatives to promote the Tulip. This, and much more in this Flower Circus Talks.

The Flower Circus Talks are also available as Podcast;


Friday the 8th of January it is time for the first Magical Online Flower Show. Flower Magician Mark Frank will inspire us with Valentines designs. From 1 stem creative ideas to great valentines designs.

Don't miss it and register here:

Friday the 15th of January it is time for another Flower Circus Talks, this time we will have Juanita and Melisa form Jet Fresh Growers and Diana from Jet Fresh Global, We will talk about their beautiful boutique farm they have in Ecuador, and what they do to make them stand out of the competition.

Don't miss it and register here:

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