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FC Talks: Brexit Special

We are 4 weeks in with the Brexit now. How did it influence the floral trade in the UK? We talk about this with Caroline Marshal-Foster, Director of the Good Florist Guide and editor at the Florist Trade Magazine. John Davidson, the finance director at Tom Brown Wholesale Florist and Kosta Foufas from FMA Ltd.

After waiting and preparing for it for about 4,5 years the Brexit was a fact on the first of January 2021. Although of course some things changed, we see that Covid has a way bigger effect on the floral industry than that Brexit has so far.

Flowers are not a problem for now to get them into the UK from Europe, plants is a bit of a different story, but certainly not impossible. Most exporters/importers are shipping at least twice a week. Sundries are delayed because of a lack of containers on the right places. But also this is more a Covid issue than it has anything to do with Brexit.

Sales for most companies has been good, and the expectations for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day are very high!

This and much, much more in this very interesting Flower Circus Talks.

Next week we have our Magical Online Flower Show!

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