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FC Talks: Martine van Velden

"Designing bouquets for the mass market is much more than putting nice flowers together"

Martine is a Dutch born designer who grew up on a flower farm in Holland. She studied design and as a student, decided to take her talents to flower shops in London and Tel Aviv-learning tricks from the best florists.

After a few years she landed a job in the US and became a trainer and designer in a flower shop in Dallas bringing her European knowledge to America. For the past 20 years she has been working in the floral mass market and travels to South America to train and teach innovative design techniques.

Designing for mass markets requires more than making good looking bouquets. Because of the enormous amounts that are sold, it is about availability, logistics etc.

We discuss how Covid changed her way of working, and how the pandemic influenced the way people experience flowers.

With the amount of flowers that are bought at the moment, not only for special occasions, but also as presents, thank you, and own use it is no wonder growers are getting sold out. The US wasn't a country which use to buy flowers for own use. With this changing the demand went up quickly.

Martine can be called a 'flower translator' as she helped breeders to understand customers' preferences. In this episode we also talked about:

🌸 what stands behind creating bouquets for supermarkets

🌸 how pandemic changed the US local flower market

🌸 how different generations and cultures consume the flowers

🌸 whether it is worth to study floristry when you can learn creating yourself

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