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Floral Market in the United States: Flower Circus Talks with New Bloom Solutions & UrbanStems

1. Sahid Nahim from New Bloom Solutions

During Flower Circus Talks we spoke with Sahid Nahim from New Bloom Solutions. We talked about his company New Bloom Solutions, the current situation of the US flower market, and of course about future opportunities.

Sahid explains with all his enthusiasm about the changes he sees to reach out to the customers and tells how to do this as well. A must watch!

2. Mike Forest from UrbanStems

We had a very interesting and informative conversation with Mike Forrest from UrbanStems during our Flower Circus Talks.

Michael told about Urban Stems, how Covid-19 influenced their business. The challenges they had to face and new opportunities popped up. Next to that, he shared the mission and vision, on how to improve the consumer experience.

Check out this episode of Flower Circus Talks here:

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