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Floral Splendor and Family Tradition: Plantman Maarten's Visit to Leekade Orchids

Written By Maarten Huisman

During my most recent visit for this blog, I visited Leekade Orchids, a charming cut cymbidium nursery located in Bleiswijk. Co-owner Jacco took me into the varied and colorful world of the cut cymbidium, but also the family tradition that makes this floral beauty possible.

An International Flower Journey: From Spain to Poland, and from France to Italy and America

Leekade Orchids has achieved worldwide fame for their products. The cymbidium orchid is also very popular in the United States, which can be seen in popular TV series such as Friends and Suits, where this beautiful flower is regularly part of the decor. But the international demand for their orchids is also noticeable in other parts of the world, such as recently with an order for Singapore. Furthermore, the Chinese New Year always leads to a significant increase in demand for their orchids.

Leekade Orchids has not only built up a good reputation locally, but has also made a name for itself internationally. With satisfied customers in countries such as Spain, Poland, France, Italy, Portugal and even the United States, it is admirable how this Dutch flower farm is appreciated worldwide by a diverse group of lovers of beautiful orchids.

A Five Year Anniversary: Jacco's Legacy in the Family Business

This year marks the fifth year of Jacco's involvement with Leekade Orchids, a family business run by his father, mother and brother. A proud heir of a tradition that started 45 years ago with his grandfather, Jacco exudes a passion for orchids that is deeply rooted in his family history.

Leekade Orchids is known for its beautiful small-flowered varieties. The season extends from late July to mid-May, and it is during this period that the greenhouses come alive with an explosion of colours. What makes the orchids extra special is their perfect shelf life - some varieties stay fresh for up to 4 weeks.

With no fewer than 66 different varieties in 8 different colors - white, green, red, pink, orange, brown, cream and yellow - Leekade Orchids offers a versatile product that allows florists to give free rein to their creativity.

Sustainable Flowers: Long-lasting Enjoyment with Orchids

A special feature of Leekade Orchids is the sustainability of their products, as the flower is grown at cold temperatures. And the shelf life also surprised me: some varieties remain in the vase for no less than 4 weeks, and the nursery offers a 2-week guarantee. This makes the orchids not only a feast for the eyes, but also a sustainable choice for flower lovers.

Family tradition in bloom: the history of 1.6 hectares of orchid blooms

With an extensive nursery of 1.6 hectares, Leekade Orchids has an impressive variety of flowers in bloom. It is a tribute to the vision and dedication of Jacco's grandfather, who laid the foundation for this thriving company 45 years ago.

All Souls' Day and Flower Memories: A Visit at a Meaningful Moment.

At the time of my visit, Leekade Orchids was busy celebrating All Souls' Day, a time when flowers play a special role in remembering loved ones. The nursery was filled with flowering plants ready to be cut

My visit to Leekade Orchids was not only a journey of discovery through the beauty of orchids, but also an immersion in a family tradition that thrives in every flower that leaves the nursery. Whether you're a passionate flower lover, a creative florist or simply looking for a meaningful flower for a special occasion, Leekade Orchids offers a floral experience that goes deeper than just aesthetics - it's a celebration of life, heritage and the beauty of nature.

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