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Flower Circus at Flower Expo Moscow 2019

This year, Flower Circus was again present at the Flowers Expo Moscow to promote the growers and breeders who had joined Flower Circus.

Every participating company had its own part at the stand, where their products were exhibited. In addition, flower magician Mark Frank and Flower Circus director John Elstgeest stood in the middle of the stand to inspire people with and to tell about the different products that were present in the stand.

That our method of promotion was successful was clearly demonstrated by the number of people who were constantly in our booth. In addition to the many photographs of the arrangements made, the flowers were also frequently photographed with the name, so that they could be ordered from the exporter / wholesaler.

Much heard compliment was that in addition to the live entertainment, there was also a wide range of top products in the stand. This made the stand even more interesting, so it was immediately possible to see from which grower you can buy top quality. In addition to the continuous show at the stand, there was also a bridal show on the first day. Mark Frank made different types and styles of bridal work, which were shown by a beautiful bride.

In short, another successful exhibition where Flower Circus was able to put the following companies in the spotlight:

Van der Lugt Lisianthus, Decofresh Roses, Adomex, April Flowers Israel, Deliflor Chrysanthemums, Ichtus Flowers, Special Orchids, Beyond Chrysanthemum, Florein Gerbera, Bredefleur, Selecta Cutflowers, Könst Alstroemeria

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