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Flower Circus Show: Celebrating life by Geertje Stienstra

With the first of November (All Saints) coming up, it was time to make funeral arrangements during our online show.

Flowers have a lot of symbolism, not only in the names but also in colours etc. If you use this in an arrangement, this could lift the whole arrangement.

In the seven arrangements Geertje made, you could see how you could do this. Geertje showed several different techniques and used different materials.

For the last arrangement, she even used the brand new Terrabick from Smither's Oasis.

More and more cemeteries are going for 100% natural. This floral media is 100% biodegradable, and a great solution!

The next show will be on the 15th of October, theme: Sustainability and the designer will be Tiffany van Lenten

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