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Flower Circus Show: Chrysanthemum Day with Max Hurtaud

The ninth of September is Chrysanthemum Day. This year we celebrate it again with Deliflor Chrysanten in Maasdijk, the Netherlands.

Flower Magician Max Hurtaud prepared 7 great designs which he shows during the show. For the flower arrangements, Max uses the wonderful Chrysanthemum varieties of Deliflor. We even use the just introduced pink daisy Larsson!

In an hour Max manages to show all kinds of different styles of arrangements. Proving both that he is a man gifted with a lot of talent, as well as that the Chrysanthemum is a very versatile flower.

Enjoy the show, and get inspired to work (more) with this wonderful flower. Hopefully, you will join us again on 09-09-2022 for another Chrysanthemum Day!!!

The next show will be on the 1st of October, and the designer will be Geertje Stienstra

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