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Flower Circus Show: Max Hurtaud

In this very inspirational flower show packed with floral fun flower designer Max Hurtaud makes 6 flower designs. Max is a very talented designer. He finished in 3rd place during the last Belgian Championships. What is great about Max is the way he makes flower designing look easy. Yet his designs are perfectly composed.

He started out with a wonderful flower arrangement with a base covered in peacock feathers, and in the middle of the design was a candle. The base Max used perfectly blended in with the flowers.

The second bouquet was a mix of a field bouquet, and a frame bouquet. This combined with all types of flowers and colors made it a real showstopper!

While most of the table arrangements ' connect' to the table, Max made it in a way so it floats above the table. Using the beautiful Alissa Light Apricot Lisianthus as a base, made the composition already stand out. By adding white flowers, the arrangement came even more to life.

Floating was also the theme for the next arrangement: attaching a frame on top of a vase, and putting flowers in tubes in the frame. By combining the right colors again, Max turned this arrangement also in a masterpiece.

Bright yellow, a great color to symbolize a summer filled with sun. Combining chrysanthemums, gerberas, and Cymbidium. In the frame, Max also used dried Craspedia and Nigella.

The last bouquet was with Hydrangea as the focal point. adding some Lathyrus, Lisianthus, and Veronica to make this creation even more special.

Enjoy this great mix of different types of bouquets!

flowers Max used during the show were from the following companies: WBE Deliflor Lugt Lisianthus Ko Kolk Florius Flowers Chrywijk

The next show will be on the 2nd of July

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