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Flower Circus Show: Sustainability by Tiffany van Lenten

Is it possible to make interesting and good-looking designs in a sustainable way? This question we got a lot during our previous shows. Tiffany van Lenten took the challenge and created 7 wonderful and sustainable designs!!!

For the first arrangement, Tiffany made a frame bouquet. The rope she used was made out of old t-shirts, a great way to upcycle old clothes, and give them a second life! The frame can be used several times as well, with different flowers it will have another look.

For the second arrangement, we used Terrabrick from Smither's Oasis as floral media. a new 100% biodegradable product! It doesn't only looks great, it is good for the environment as well!

The third bouquet was really something special. When at the Tradefair we found a replacement for the plastic sticks they use for climbing plants. The main ingredient is Elephant grass and with all the materials 100% natural, also a product that is compostable.

Tiffany made the frame out of this and used a combination of salmon and red flowers, making it an absolute showstopper bouquet!

Proving that sustainable arrangements don't have to be expensive we showed with the 4th table arrangement with Gerbera. A really bright piece!

Beeswax was used in the fifth arrangement to cover the lower part of the ball of floral foam. The color really blended in well with the Santini's!

Have you ever combined peanut butter and flowers in one arrangement? Tiffany did, and how! you just have to see it to believe how wonderful it turned out.

What do you do with the clothes hangers you do not use? You make a flower frame in a star shape out of it. At least that's what Tiffany did. A great idea for this Christmas!

The next show will be on the 3th of December, theme: Winter Wonderland and the designer will be Michael van Namen

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