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Flower Circus Show: The Circle of Life - Stefan van Berlo

Every big life event deserves to be celebrated with flowers and their captivating beauty! Stefan van Berlo, a Belgian Champion florist in 2010 & 2020, is an extremely talented and impressive designer. In 1,5 hours he will take us on a trip through life's big moments: From birth to the funeral, and all celebrations in between.

With all the great designs, techniques, and beautiful flowers, it is impossible not to fall in love with these wonderful designs.

flowers Stefan used during the show were from the following companies:

Premium Greens Australia, Deliflor Chrysanten, Lugt Lisianthus, Ichtus Flowers & Plants, Chrywijk, kwekerij de Opstal

The next show will be on the 6th of August, and the designer will be Thijs Harmens

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