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Flower Circus Talks: Andre van Kruijssen

In this Flower Circus Talks we have Andre van Kruijssen as our guest. The last 8 years he was the managing director at Veiling Holambra in Brasil. Now he is returning to the Netherlands to become CEO at Plantion.

Time to look back at his years in Brasil, and look forward into the future. What was planned to be for 5 yours, turned out to be a stay of 8 years at Veiling Holambra.

A great story to hear how this cooperation helps both their members as well as their customers to make sure they have the best conditions to sell flowers and plants. Not only physically on their 14ha location, but also in terms of marketing.

This made that they are growing on average 10-13% even this year! and the future for the Vlieling Holambra, it's members and customers looks bright with the clear vision they have rolled out.

From the first of January 2021 Andre will start at Plantion. This is where he can, and will use all of the knowledge he acquired during his time at Veiling Holambra.

Friday the 6th it's time again for a new Magical Online (Christmas) Flower Show with Flower Magician Ruud Hazelaar.

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Next Flower Circus Talks will be with Bas Rensen, Managing Director at Flamingo Flowers BV the 13th of November 15.00 PM CET on the Facebook page of Flower Circus.

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