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Flower Circus Talks: Bas Rensen - Flamingo Flowers

In this Flower Circus Talks we had Bas Rensen, the managing director of Flamingo Flowers BV as our guest.

Bas tells about the company, and the challenging year they had, after winning the Tesco tender, Covid-19 and the second wave.

We also talk about their own production in Kenia and South Africa, and their plans there. Next to their own production their local partners in the UK and Holland are also more important than ever.

Consumer insights are an import part of the business as well. How consumers are buying changes all the time, especially now during the pandemic.

Online sales went up during the first Covid-19 wave, and are again up now the second wave started. Also people seem to start to buy more 'just because' and for own use.

This and much more in this Flower Circus Talks!

Next Flower Circus Talks will be with Morgan Douglas Nuth the 20th of November 15.00 PM CET on the Facebook page of Flower Circus.

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