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Flower Circus Talks: Top Livestreams with Flower Experts in May

We've talked with flower industry experts from around the world and are sharing what we found out with you!

1. Gerben Ravensbergen, Lilies of Life

In our talks, Gerben Ravensbergen from Lilies of Life (LoL) tells about their company, how they have a different look on growing, his vision on the lily market, and what they do to stand out of the crowd.

2. Steef van Adrichem, Ansu

Steef van Adrichem - Ansu Standing out together: that is what ANSU stands for. Already for many years know for their Vanda orchids, Ansu also has unique green plants, and plant concepts. Steef while walking through his company, will tell us about his company, their latest concepts and his vision on the market.

3. Alison Bradley, Fusion Flowers

Alison Bradley about Fusion Flowers, Floral Fundamentals, Champagne and most of all about her vision on the worldwide flower market.

4. Wim Bos, Special Orchids

Wim Bos about Special Orchids, how they can grow Cymbidium year-round, new concepts, and vision on the flower market.

5. Dennis van der Lubbe, Flower Council of Holland

Dennis van der Lubbe All about Flower Council of Holland, the challenges they face, and how they see their role in promoting the Dutch floral industry in the future.

6. Adrian Parsons Helix, Helix Australia

Adrian has traveled and worked all over the flower world before he became a Director of WAFEX in 1994. After he sold his shares in WAFEX in 2015 he started to develop Helix Australia a breeder of waxflower and recently started an online platform We will talk about Australian flower industry and Mother’s day.

7. Joey Azout, Alexandra Farms

Joey is the president of Alexandra Farms, the world’s biggest grower of garden roses. A product with a great history and story and Joey is the perfect person to tell this story!

8. Jan de Boer, Barendsen

Jan will tell us all about Barendsen, Mother’s day sales around Europa. Their platform to show special flowers; Flora Podium, and his vision on the future of the flower industry.

9. Laura Rivell, PMA

Laura will update us on the Mother's Day sales results in the US, and about PMA, and what they do to help the flower industry.

10. Stefan de Hoog, Anthura

All about Anthura and the world of Anthurium, from crossbreeding to the stories behind the Anthurium.

11. Williee Armellini, Flowers and cents

A man who has the balls to say how it is on his great website called Williee will tell all about, the current situation in the flower industry, and much more.

12. Bartjan Kolk, Ko Kolk Hortensia

Bartjan will tell us about his company, how they grow those beautiful Hydrangeas, breeding, their new greenhouse, and many more stories about Hydrangea.

13. Birgit Seemann

Birgit will take us into the world of packaging, All about the future trends in packaging, design of flowers and plants, and much more.

14. Lucas Jansen, Flower Academy

After being a teacher at a school for floriculture Lucas started Flower Academy 15 years ago. Most of the people in Holland either know him from school or had a course at Flower Academy. Lucas will tell about Flower Academy, his application InfoFlowersPlants. As one of the best-informed people in the business, we will also ask him about his vision of the flower industry.

15. Pascal Koeleman, 2Dezign and Fabelicious

2Dezign is a team of talented professionals with years of experience in the flower and gift markets working together with young, passionate, talented people. Recently they launched a new brand of dried roses: Fabulicious.

16. Peter Kertesz

China is at the moment ahead of the rest of the world in terms of post-Covid-19. What is the new normal, is the way of trading changed locally and international? What can we learn from this? How were the sales of 520 (I Love you day in China).

17. Daan Kneppers, Green Works International

It’s peony time! Green Works is the grower specialized in young planting material for Peonies, Ranunculus, special pot plants & summer cut flowers. At the moment they have over 300 Peony varieties flowering in their trail garden. Daan will tell us all about Peonies. A flower with a great story!

18. Last Flower Circus Talks with Our Team

During this Flower Circus Talks, we talk with flower Magicians Mark Frank and Michael van Namen.

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