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Flower Circus Talks: Morgan Douglas Nuth

In this Flower Circus Talks we have the award winning floral designer Morgan Douglas Nuth form the UK. With all his positive energy Morgan tells about how he ended up in the floral industry, and that it ook him traveling all over the world to realize this was the profession for him.

Now he is running 2 successful flowershops, one in Ascot and one in East London. In Morgans eyes there is no such thing as competition, you just have to find your place in the market. There is no use trying to copy supermarkets, or compete on price.

Morgan will also tell how a quick idea helped him to deal with bridezilla's in such a way both the florist and bridezilla are happy.

Next to running two flowershops Morgan also does workshops, demonstraties, and big decorations at (trade)shows. This is one of the things he is missing, to make great projects with a team of florists.

This and much more (positive energy) in this Flower Circus Talks

Next Flower Circus Talks will be with Carolien Spaans and Kevin van Vliet about the Polish flower industry the 27th of November 15.00 PM CET on the Facebook page of Flower Circus.

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