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Flower Circus Talks: Poland Special

In Friday's Flower Circus Talks we had Carolien Spaans. The Agricultural counselor at embassy of the Netherlands in Poland, and Kevin van Vliet owner of van Vliet Prague.

The embassy recently published a report about the effects of Covid-19 on the Polish flower growers. Together with Carolien and Kevin we discuss the findings of the report.

Although the period was tough the was a enormous willingness from both the growers as well as the traders to get out of this difficult period.

This was shown again when the markets closed just before the first of November as well, where the local government and even consumers supported all the local flower suppliers by buying their flowers and giving them away to other people.

The quality of the flowers produced in Poland is very good, and as Kevin says mostly sold as high quality flowers to boutiques. He also believes that the market has a lot of potential, although there are some things that still have to be improved.

This and much more in this FC Talks

The link to the report on impact corona on the Polish flower market:

Friday the 4th of December it is time for our Magical Online Flower Show again. It will be the last show for 2020 and promises to be a very special one with Flower Magician Michael van Namen.

Don't miss it and register here:

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