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Flower Circus Talks: The Young Ones

In this special episode of Flower Circus Talks we had 3 guests. We discussed several theme's to hear what the new generation thinks of the floral industry and which way they think it should go.

For this show we invited Wouter Jongkind from Royal van Zanten, Ryan and Casey Black from Jetfresh Flowers and Kevin van Vliet from van Vliet Prague. Unfortunately because of some technical problems Kevin couldn't join the show.

During the show we talked about the current situation, how to promote your flowers, the total flower-chain, online sales, personal contact vs online, sustainability (absolutely no trend, it's here to stay!) and much more.

It was a great way to hear the view of the young ones in the industry, and the interaction with the people watching the show live.

Next Flower Circus Talks will be with Reinier Zuidgeest of Florein Gerbera, the 16th of October 15.00 PM CET on the Facebook page of Flower Circus.

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