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How to Make A Frame Bouquet In Less Than A Minute

Something new from our side: Flower Circus how-to video’s.

Next to inspiring florists during our shows, we would like to inspire you online as well. In the video’s we will show you step by step how to make impressive bouquets in a simple way.

In this video, our mystery Flower Magician will show you how to make a frame bouquet. Want to make this bouquet yourself as well?

Discover how to create a wonderful frame bouquet in a minute and become a Flower Magician with the help of this movie!

These are the ingredients used:

- Rosa Deep Purple

- Rosa Penny Lane

- Chrysanthemum Baltica Yellow

- Gerbera Clasico

- Phalaenopsis Karin Aloha

- Cymbidium

- Liriope (Lillygrass)

- Schoenus (Flexigrass)

- Aluminum wire

- Rope

Want to promote your product in one of our how-to-make movies? Contact us for the possibilities!

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