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How to Make a Romantic Frame Bouquet

We continue our Flower Circus how-to video series.

In this florist tutorial from Flower Circus, we will show you how to make a simple yet stunning romantic frame bouquet. A real gem for any florist!

Enjoy the video, and don't be afraid to experiment yourself!

Our mystery Flower Magician makes a frame with circles of wood veneer. This is a very flexible material and can be used in many ways. By stapling them together you can create any shape of rings you want for your frame.

For the flowers, he uses all pink colors. To make the bouquet stand out he carefully selected flowers with all different shapes to create more effect. In this way, the bouquet keeps on attracting your attention. To finish the bouquet, he uses two types of green: The Aspidistra to make the frame and flowers stand out more, and the eucalyptus to give it a romantic look.

Time for you to try and make this bouquet as well, good luck!

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