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How to Promote Your Flower Business Online (And Why You Can't Ignore It)

If you think promoting online is just something you can do in your spare time, please don’t read this. You will need all your spare time to understand how it works and how to make it right

1. Why Flower Industry Is Perfect for Promoting Online

You may not have thought about it this way, but the flower industry has great benefits for online promotion. While most industries struggle with content creation for social media or website and spend great budgets for making their product look more attractive, we can post just a ‘normal’ picture of a flower and get tons of likes! A timeline full of flower pictures might help you to get likes and followers, but does it also tell who you are, and conveys your brand mission to your current and potential customers?

We need to change the way we think about digital strategy and online promotion as it is a different cup of tea compared to regular offline sales. Our great advantage is that flowers and plants sell themselves in real life. All you need is to show how beautiful, fresh, and strong your plant, flower, or greens are! But how to use it for online promo?

2. Where to Start From? Find Your Audience Online!

Nowadays, industries invest a great share of their budget in online presence, building brand awareness, and stimulating online sales. What if you use modern ways of reaching out to your target audience without being limited geographically? Imagine you have a possibility to tell about your flowers not only locally but worldwide? It's all possible with online promotion and a well-thought digital strategy for your brand.

Does it mean you have to change everything to have a slick website and social media page? First and foremost, anything you do online should represent your brand and your values. It has to fit your company and represent what you stand for. The audience you may reach online will appreciate your brand fo the same reason your offline customers come to you.

How to find the right audience? You may reach people from all over the world online, but how to make sure your message reaches the right people who are most likely to buy your flowers or plants? That is the biggest challenge for online promotion and the reason why you need a team of professionals to make sure it's done the right way.

“When I target a specific audience category, does it mean that the rest will not buy my flowers?” This is what we hear constantly from growers who are starting to work with us to promote their flowers and plants. If you are targeting a specific audience, it doesn’t make others stop buying your products. By contrast, you will start to sell more when making sure the right people hear about you online.

3. Why Do You Need Content for Online Promotion

It's not a secret that pictures of flowers work well online, but how to get the most out of it? The quality of the images is the first step toward creating professional content that sells your products.

If you want to show you’re a company that sells high-quality products, but your pictures are sh#t, no one will trust you and buy your products. Remember, online promotion differs a lot from selling your flowers locally. You can take photos by yourself, in the modern world we all have smartphones with good cameras. However, photography is a profession, and by hiring a professional you will see the results of it in no time!

Imagine you had a photoshoot of your flowers and now you have a bunch of good quality pictures. However, it's not the end of it. In other words, how to get the highest attention from sharing your content in social media? This is a great challenge for most of us. You have probably seen (or maybe even published yourself) pictures and videos where content is cut off and looks weird even if your original content was done professionally.

You want to make sure your flowers and plants look great on social, but each social media platform has its formats for different content. Vertical stories, landscape videos, portrait pictures... how not to get lost in tons of sizing specifications?

Make sure you prepare your content based on suggested formats for each social media before posting it. This way your content will represent your great flowers just like you are showing them offline to your clients.

4. BONUS: Social Media Cheat Sheet 2020

To help you on your way to a successful and growing online business we made a simple all-in-one social media image sizes cheat sheet so you can make your company look professional in the most popular social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

What are you waiting for? Grab this one-page, all-in-one social media cheat sheet 2020 and save tons of time each time you want to make a post!

Want to grow even faster, and look even better? We can help you to get your social media to go through the roof! Send us a note at and we will help you grow your flower business as you grow your wonderful flowers!

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