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In the Spotlight: How to Shine the Light on Your Flower Business

Your flowers are not the only ones that need adequate light. Your company should also be in the spotlight so that everybody will notice you and your beautiful products.

Where is your company at the moment? In the spotlight or just working hard to make the best product, hoping that customers will discover you on their own?

How are they going to ask for something they don’t even know exists? Just consider something like the iPad for a moment… Initially, very few people wanted one, because hardly anyone knew what it was, what it did and how it would help them.

Do you remember the first time you saw an actual iPad? Most likely, you started to think that you might also want one. Then, after seeing commercials and reading more about what you could do with it, you were convinced and bought one as well.

It’s the same with your products. Make sure that people see it, even better when they see it in many different ways.

Did you know it takes up to 100 times before you get noticed nowadays? We’re suffering from information overload. Consequently, our brains can’t keep up.

The implication of this on your business is that to get noticed, you have to stand out. That's where Flower Circus comes in… We’re specialized in all things marketing. We can create this stage for you so that you get noticed – both online as well as offline.

Though, you can’t just copy and paste what you do. Your online and offline audiences are different. Thus, you’ll need to approach them differently to get results.

Our specialists will always use you and your company as starting point. It has to be you and your company that have to stand out in a way that makes you proud. And, you can achieve that without gimmicks or some fancy trends that don’t last long. Your company will be here for many years to come. This is why you should tell everyone who you are and why you stand out. Together with our specialists, we’ll help you spread the news about your business.

A few weeks ago, we did exactly this for the world’s biggest Chrysanthemum breeder. As there are currently no exhibitions worldwide, they wanted a way to present their new varieties to the world. We set up an online Chrysanthemum Day celebration (which has been an actual holiday in Japan for over 1,000 years) and made it an International Chrysanthemum Day where all the new Deliflor varieties were shown during a flower show, and the Deliflor companies worldwide had an opportunity to show themselves. (to see the show:

All the professional floral media picked up this event. We reached well over 10,000 florists and other flower professionals worldwide only for the show on Facebook. Now, count in all the people we’ve reached via our posts and the attention this even has created, and that number becomes even bigger. It was a great success!

We can do the same for you. It is time to let the world know about your business! We will give you the spotlight and let you shine for the right audience.

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