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Flower Circus Talks: 20 Livestreams with Flower Experts in April

We have collected our recent live streams with florist experts from around the world

1. René Schoenmaker, AFG Worldwide from South Africa

With his many years of experience in the South African flower business, René is the person to tell us all about what is going on at the moment.

2. Tineke Geerlings & Michael van Namen, Flowerparade Special

Both designers made the most stunning creations over the years for the Flowerparade in Lisse. How did they come up with the ideas, how many flowers did they use, and much more in this Flower Circus Talks.

3. Roman Palian, April Opt

With 2 wholesales, and flower magazines Roman knows what is going on in the Russian market at the moment. He will tell us about the current situation, and his vision is for the future.

4. Anton Klunder, Adomex

Adomex is an importer and exporter of green foliage. They are constantly searching for new products, clients, and markets. They expect that sustainability and responsible production will become increasingly important in the near future.

5. Caroline Marshall-Foster, The Florist

Caroline almost doesn't need an introduction, as she is known by almost everybody in the industry. Caroline is Editor at Florist & Wholesale Buyer Magazine and connects the entire floral industry.

6. Willum van den Hoogen, Florius Flowers

Willum will tell us more about Florius Flowers, what their challenges are at the moment, and what his vision is for the future.

7. Harold van Eendenburg, Premium Greens Australia

Harold van Eendenburg tells about the local market, export from Australia, and of course their beautiful range of greens!

8. Jolanda vd Lugt - Kats, Lugt Lisianthus

Jolanda will talk about the current market in Holland, Lugt Lisianthus (their new greenhouse), and her initiative #omdatjijzorgtbrengikbloemen

9. Miranda van Kester, Mirakuleus

With her company, she has helped a lot of companies in the fresh business building their brand. We would like to know what changes and good initiatives she sees in this quickly changing market, and how we can implement them.

10. Pieter Landman, Blooming Vision

Pieter is a strong business development professional with a master floral designer degree focused on floriculture and floral design.

11. Matti Arielle, Decofresh

Matti Arielle is the managing director of Decofresh Roses. Decofresh is a marketing initiative in combination with a group of leading Kenyan farms, which sells a wide range of roses directly from Kenya.

12. Michael Black, Jet Fresh Flowers

Mike has worked in the flower industry his entire life as a 3rd generation flower hustler, managing all the different aspects within the flower industry from wholesale, bouquets, retail, mass-market; and now he’s gaining experience as a flower grower.

13. Will Zuiderwijk, Arend Roses

Arend Roses has been a leading Dutch rose grower with an excellent reputation for many years now. After four years, the company continued in Maasdijk. Nowadays, Arend roses are grown on eleven hectares, spread between two locations in the Municipality of Westland.

14. Nikkki Meader West Malling Flowers and Theo de Mooy. Flowervision

Together with Theo de Mooy form Flowervision and Nikki Meader from West Malling Flowers we will talk about the flower business at this moment, what challenges they face, and what they do to try to keep their business running.

15. Alejandro Henao, Naranjo Roses

Together with Alejendro Henao from Naranjo Rosess we will talk about the flower business in Ecuador, what challenges they face, and what they do to try to keep their business running.

16. Kevin van Vliet, van Vliet Prague

Kevin van Vliet is the director of van Vliet in Prague. In a period of 3 years, he built a successful flower wholesale specializing in high-quality flowers. He achieved this by implementing his innovative ideas in his business and seeing a gap in the market These ideas not only helped him to grow his business, but his clients also profit from his way of working. Seeing the florists more as partners, then clients.

17. Juan David from Deliflor Colombia and Jose Manuel from Capiro

Together with Juan David and Jose Manuel, we will discuss the current situation in Colombia, What are the growers doing, is there any support from the government, are there any extra promotional activities, and of course how is the trade to the different countries. Juan David is the commercial Director of Deliflor Colombia, and Jose Manuel is the commercial Director of Capiro.

18. Madelon Balm Roselife Noviflora

Madelon Balm is with her company not your typical supplier for retail. Direct from the start she had her own vision on how to sell flowers and plants in the supermarket. And this has proven to be a very successful concept. Her company was also the first to roll out a nationwide campaign in the supermarkets to support growers.

19. Martin Groen from Groenbloem and VBW

Martin Groen is one of our Flower Magicians. He owns a flower shop in the Northern part of Holland, and he does a lot of freelance work all over the world. Next to that, he is also in the board of VBW, an organization for Dutch florists. Martin can tell us about what is happening in his own flower shop, which measures they took to keep selling flowers, and which new initiatives they come up themselves, and what the VBW does to help the florists in the best possible way.

20. Peter Kertesz from Kunming China

Peter Kertesz - after 25 years active with South American Farms, decided to move to China so as to open the Chinese consuming market to Western resources. Over the years, the import business has declined dramatically, as local production has grown and improved impressively.

Currently, Peter and his small team help Chinese farms improve their cold chain and post-harvest standards, as well as marketing programs. In addition, he helps a few European and other importers source fresh flowers and foliage from China.

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