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Lot's of inspiration by Michael: FC Online Show

Flower Magician Michael van Namen was on fire during our Magical Online Flower Show!!! He inspired with 6 wonderful Mother's Day arrangements, and a a special bonus he made a floral tuxedo.

Micheal is somebody who always knows how to surprise. This directly showed in the first arrangement; using dream catchers as a frame for the bouquet.

The second bouquet was one with 2 flowers: Alstroemeria and sprayroses. By using both flowers in 2 layers you get a real nice effect, especially when you add a ring of green (Umbrella fern) underneath.

A wonderful vase was the base for the third arrangement. The vase in itself was already a showstopper, but combined with the right flowers it made it stand out even more.

For the colorful mom Michael prepared a frame with all kind of dried and painted flowers. Adding flowers in groups and different layers it was a real show stopper.

A wreath of floral foam was the next piece. The combination of the colors made that both flowers stand out. With the addition of some special greens it made it more playful.

Gerbera i the favorite flower for many children. When they draw a flower it most of the time a Gerbera. This is why they were the main flower in the 6th bouquet. Combining them in different colors, together with sprayroses it made it a real nice colorful and happy bouquet.

The last piece was a real special one! Michael made a floral tuxedo with the use of veneer. Michael attached some tubes to the veneer so he could ad flowers. The collar he decorated with Hyacinths. Real floral fashion.

Next show will be the 14th of May where Flower Magician Tineke Geerlings will inspire us with wedding bouquets! You can already register for free via this link

A big thank you to the leading companies for supplying us with so many beautiful high quality flowers and greens: Chrywijk, Premium Greens Australia, Deliflor Chrysanten, Lugt Lisianthus, Kwekerij de Opstal, Royal van Zanten, Florein Gerbera and Florius Flowers

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