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Talks: Arjan Poland - Lilies and More

"There is a big disbalance in demand and supply in the bulb market at the moment"

In this Flower Circus Talks, we have bulb specialist Arjan Poland from Lilies and More.

The prices of flowers are still quite high because of the big demand worldwide. This is what we see now, but also in the bulb market prices are much higher than last year. Will we see the consequences of that next year?

Arjan will explain to us why prices are higher. There is not just one reason, there are several reasons why there is not enough supply for the recent demand.

Arjan also tells more about Lilies and More, the company he runs with Piet Koopman. They started with lilies, but as the name already says, they do much more. From other crops, to also helping growers in all possible ways to make sure they run a profitable business.

Recent examples are helping growers with a half-automatic planting machine for lilies. As well as a portable steaming machine, to make sure the soil is clean for a perfect crop.

This and much more in this episode of Flower Circus Talks.

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