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Talks: Ukraine

Not your normal Flower Circus Talks. I wanted to give you an update on my personal situation, as I got contacted by so many people. As most of you know I live in Ukraine and the online business of Flower Circus is based in Kyiv.

I am extremely fortunate that I was able to leave in time, but millions aren't. Please support the people of Ukraine where- and however you can!

update 26-02 7:30 AM CET we arrived at my parent's. Just unpacked our bags. what we have fits literally on the kitchen table, except the car of course 😉 Realizing that we were just a few of the people who could leave in time and managed to bring at least something. Thinking of all the people who are still there. Noticing that the Dutch news is far from showing what is going on. But then again realizing that that are pictures you hope you would never get to see, and go far, far beyond what is human.

In the current times it is easy not to be to impressed by numbers. People tell how many millions they earned in a day/week/year. How many followers someone has. The thing that worries me is that some might also just see this as a number. (it's easier to block emotions when talking about numbers) This time it is so much more than a number. Behind every single person there is a story of tragedy. Some of you who know me personal wrote and called me how worried they are.

It felt great to get your support. But imagine now that 40.000.000+ million people need even more support still being in Ukraine We will come out stronger, Ukraine will come out stronger!

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