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Top Greatest Bouquets from the Grand Opening in Naklo, Slovenia

We created a new lookbook to inspire florists

To celebrate ten years of demonstrations in flowers and trends at Biotehniški center Naklo, Slovenia, we had the honor to do this jubilee show! After the opening done by the director of the school Mr. Marijan Pogačnik and the ambassador of the Netherlands Mr. Derk Jan Nauta, we showed you many different arrangements and bouquets.

During the show, we showed as many as possible different techniques and told about how to get the best out of your flower business. It is really nice to work with flowers, but it has to be a profitable business as well!

At the end of the show we were even with 3 florists on stage to end with a big bang!

Flower Magician Mark Frank and me, we hope we inspired you and with this look-book, we would like you to show the different arrangements we made during the show. When you feel you need some inspiration, you can look at this look-book to get some floral energy!

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