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Valentine's inspiration Mark Frank: FC Online Show

We kicked off 2021 in a great way with our Magical online flower show! Flower Magician Mark Frank inspired florists, which were watching from all over the world with 7 stunning designs in just over an hour.

With Valentine's Day in just over a month it was a perfect time for inspiration before one of the most important days for florists.

Mark started with a big heart of floral foam covered with painted cocos fiber. In this fiber Mark also used some 'Christmas'lights to give the arrangement just that little bit extra. With several different pink flowers this piece really had the WOW-factor

The next piece was a heart shaped frame bouquet. The frame was made of red aluminium wire, with some extra hearts attached to it. Mark used different red flowers, all with a round shape to create a special effect.

The third arrangement was a floral foam heart covered with veneer. Also this arrangement was with different colors of pink. Playing with the height of the flowers and greens, made this heart really a playful arrangement.

Mark then went to a big bouquet with a spiral technique. By using 2 flowers a a time, he not only created a bit different look to the bouquet. This also made him finish the bouquet faster! To give it just a bit extra, Mark decorated the bouquet with some red feathers.

That you can make a single stem special as well Mark proved with the 5th piece he made. With one Cymbidium, some greens, metal wire and some (artificial ;-) ) butterflies Mark created a piece that everybody would like to get as a present.

The sixt arrangement was directly made in a vase. Mark showed a great, and simple, trick as a alternative for floral foam. In this piece he also showed that if you use quality flowers from good growers, you don't always need a lot of stems to create a great effect.

The last arrangement was again a hand tied bouquet with a pink heart shaped frame. By making the heart a little bit in a different shape, you can really show your craftsmanship as a florist.

With florists watching from all over the world, and lots of positive feedback and comments, we look back at a great show! The next show will be the 5th of February. This time we will inspire the florists for International Woman;s Day and UK Mother's Day.

You can already register for free via this link

A big thank you to the leading companies for supplying us with so many beautiful high quality flowers and greens: Chrywijk, Florius Flowers, Deliflor Chrysanten, Lugt Lisianthus, Kwekerij de Opstal, Special Orchids, Florein Gerbera and Adomex

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