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Woman's Day and UK Mother's Day inspiration by Tiffany: FC Online Show

Flower Magician Tiffany van Lenten will show 7 stunning designs for International Woman's Day and UK Mother's Day.

Tiffany is a master with colors, and this directly showed in her first arrangement. She made a heart on biological floral foam. The cours of the flowers really blended in perfect.

The second piece was a handtied framebouquet. She made the frame out of Typha leaves. The flowers she used, were put in a ring shape to create a special effect as well. The Anthurium used, made that all colors of the flowers blended in perfectly.

From the previous show we knew that Tiffany likes to paint as well. The giftbox Tiffany used for her next arrangement she painted with a special paint so you could write on it with chalk. (Really nice when children can write a message for their mom on it for Mother's Day).

Upcycling was the word for the next design. Tiffany used empty juice bottles as vases, again she painted them as well for that extra touch. This design is great to use shorter (or maybe some broken) stems.

The next bouquet was made with chrysanthemums, lilies and cymbidiums. Again in a wonderful frame she made herself.

For the sixt design she again used empty bottles, this time wine bottles. The Anthuriums, lilies, together with the special shaped Aspidistra leaves combined great. With Cymbidium orchids Tiffany showed how to make a wonderful table decoration without using a lot of flowers. Again she used a great painting technique which really made the Cymbidiums stand out!

The last bouquet was a surprise bouquet. Because it really could hold a suprise. In the centre of the bouquet was a heart shaped box where you could put your surprise in. A great idea for giving flowers and a gift in one, or for a wedding proposal.

Next show will be the 5th of March where Flower Magician Geertje Stienstra will inspire us with Easter designs!The next show will be the 5th of March. This time Geertje Stienstra will inspire the florists for Easter.

You can already register for free via this link

A big thank you to the leading companies for supplying us with so many beautiful high quality flowers and greens: Chrywijk, Anthura, Deliflor Chrysanten, Lugt Lisianthus, Kwekerij de Opstal, Special Orchids, Bredefleur and WBE

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