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Woman's Day impression Kiev, Ukraine

Today it is the 8th of March; International Woman's Day. This day is already celebrated for over a 100 years. Over the years it has become one of the biggest days in terms of flower sales, especially in Eastern Europe and Russia.

This year there is no exception to this rule. Lots of people are buying flowers for the woman in their lives. So it's not only for your wife/girlfriend, also mother's mother-in-laws and female colleagues.

The closer it gets towards the 8th of March, the more places where flowers are sold pop up. It's not only the flower shops anymore that sell flowers, the supermarkets want a piece of the action, as well as some people who want to earn some extra money by selling flowers. Especially on places where there are a lot of people passing these point of sales pop up: close to stations, and metro exits.

In Kiev it is clearly visibel that it is becoming more and more a spring holiday. Most sold flower by far is the tulip, but also other spring flowering bulb flowers are populair like daffodils and hyacinths.

Most of the wholesalers have been selling well with some already having empty coolers a few days before the 8th of March. Want to know more about the Eastern European and Russian flower market, or want to promote your flowers, contact us

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