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Flower Circus Inspiration

At Flower Circus, we create bouquets suitable for every occasion.

Make your day glow with our assortment of floral options! 

Greatest Flower Arrangements from Grand Opening at Slovenia

To celebrate ten years of demonstrations in flowers and trends at Biotehniški center Naklo we had the honor to visit this jubilee show!


After the opening done by the director of the school Mr. Marijan Pogačnik and the ambassador of the Netherlands Mr. Derk Jan Nauta, we showed you many different arrangements and bouquets. Flower Magician Mark Frank and me, we hope we inspired you and with this look-book, we would like you to show the different arrangements we made during the show.


When you feel you need some inspiration, you can look at this look-book to get some floral energy! Don't forget that we, florists, have the greatest job in the world. With every big occasion in people's lives, we are there to celebrate this with flowers.

Elegant Bouquets From the Show in Zagreb, Croatia

Check out the first look-book of 2020! In this book, you will find the bouquets and arrangements made by Flower Magician Geertje Stienstra. Geertje surprised the florists in Zagreb with really inspiring arrangements, and now you can see them as well. 

Download the ebook and get inspired to create new bouquets this year!

Best Bouquets from the Show in Makhachkala, Dagestan

On the 5th of December 2019, Flower Circus was invited to present a show at Galaktika in Makhachkala, Dagestan. The people of Dagestan and the flower enthusiasts who attended the show really made us feel at home. It was a great honor to be invited to their open day. 


During this show, Martin Groen and I made different arrangements that incorporated from circles to curls. If you would like to find new ideas for how to use the iconic rose, browse this lookbook to get some floral energy. 

Top Christmas Bouquets from the Flowervision Norwich

This was our fifth show at Flowervision Norwich! Every year more florists attend - what a wonderful sight. Speaking of beautiful sights, Geertje Stienstra, together with Ringmaster Jhon Koopman, created some stunning arrangements.


In fact, this was Geertje’s first show as a Flower Magician! If you need some inspiration for Christmas designs, be sure to download this lookbook.

Top WOW-effect Bouquets from the Show in Hinckley

We look back at the show we had on the 27th of October during the BFA FleurEx 2019 in Hinckley. Flower Magician Martin Groen and I enjoyed playing around with colour.


If you need new ideas for working with white, pink, red and orange, take a look at this lovely lookbook.