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Get inspired for the new floral creations! 

Want to have a closer look at the stunning flower designs our Flower Magicians create during the shows?


Get the floral design lookbooks to discover more original designs and flowers we use.

Floral Fairytales by Stefan van Berlo 

If you haven't seen this show, you really missed something! Belgian Champion Stefan van Berlo made 10 stunning designs, all based on a different fairytale. Piece by piece absolute masterpieces!!!

missed the show? no worries, you can (re)watch the show here

Tiffany van Lenten Flower Circus

Romantic wedding designs by Tiffany van Lenten

A new Online Show, this time Flower Magician Tiffany van Lenten will inspire with eight different arrangements in just over an hour. With every arrangement, she came up with new ideas and tricks to make the bridal work even more special.


missed the show? no worries, you can (re)watch the show here

Easter inspiration by Pascal Zijlmans

With Easter around the corner, it is time for Easter inspiration by Pascal Zijlmans during the online show of Flower Circus!

He managed to create dozen inspiring arrangements during one episode, so you will definitely find some ideas for your designs.💛

missed the show? no worries, you can (re)watch the show here

Pascal Zijlmans Flower Circus
Flower Circus Show march 2022 (189)_edited.jpg

Show for Ukraine

What a wonderful Flower Show we had to support Ukraine during this dark tough time. Mark Frank created wonderful commercial arrangements that would be super useful for florists, as well as several stunning bouquets in colors of the Ukrainian flag! 💙💛


Please help the Ukrainian people by supporting Stichting NTC De Leeuw Kyiv!

Bank account: Iban: NL12INGB0674678842


Surprising and beautiful arrangements for the ladies by Max Hurtaud

With all the special floral holidays coming up for women it was time to make great bouquets and arrangements that will surprise every woman around the world. Max made 9 stunning floral arrangements

A great watch show (and lookbook!)

Flower Circus February 2022 show with Max Hurtaud (202).jpg
Hans Zijlstra Flower Circus

Great (and BIG) designs by Hans Zijlstra

What a way to start 2022!
Flower Magician Hans Zijlstra was the designer for the first online show for 2022. Hans directly set the bar high for the next shows.
In just over an hour where he really showed his skills and floral knowledge, Hans made 9 designs.


missed the show? no worries, you can (re)watch the show here

Winter Wonders: Cool winter inspiration by Michael van Namen

Winter Wonders was the theme of this show, and Michael really made some wonderful arrangements during the live show.
Every design was unique and showed different parts of all the skills Michael has.

A much watch show (and lookbook!)

Flower Circus nov-2021 Show Tiffany van Lenten (11).jpeg

Sustainable arrangements with Tiffany van Lenten

Is it possible to make interesting and good-looking designs in a sustainable way? This question we got a lot during our previous shows. Tiffany van Lenten took the challenge and created 7 wonderful and sustainable designs!!!


missed the show? no worries, you can (re)watch the show here

Celebrating Life: funeral arrangements with Geertje Stienstra

Geertje Stienstra inspired us with 7 wonderful funeral arrangements. She made really interesting designs, with a lot of symbolism and some great hidden messages.

In the lookbook you will see all the designs, and info about the flowers (and the new Floral media Terrabrick)

Chrysanthemum Day show 2021 Deliflor Flower Circus (31).jpeg

Chrysanthemum Day
with Max Hurtaud

The 9th of September is Chrysanthemum Day in Japan. Together with the world’s biggest Chrysanthemum breeder Deliflor Chrysanten, we celebrated this day with a fantastic online demonstration of Max Hurtaud!!!

Max made 7 beautiful designs with Chrysanthemums. How versatile this flower is Max show in his different designs.


missed the show? no worries, you can (re)watch the show here

8 fantastic and inspiring  designs by Thijs Harmens

Flower designer Thijs Harmens was on fire!!! He made 8 flower designs in just over an hour. Showing some great tricks to help you in your daily florist life, to quickly create a WOW-effect.

Eight totally different designs, and styles, which makes this Lookbook worthwhile downloading!


'Circle of Life'
by Stefan van Berlo

All big moments in life are celebrated with flowers. Flowers give us joy and in difficult times they bring us comfort. Flowers are always there for us.

Stefan made arrangements to celebrate a birth, for funerals, and all events in between. He even brought his dog Odette as well to be a model for one of the arrangements!


missed the show? no worries, you can (re)watch the show here

10 stunning commercial designs by Pascal Zijlmans

10 great designs in under an hour! Flower Magician Pascal Zijlmans did it! and all the designs were stunning.

While making the designs Pascal also gave tips and tricks, on how to make the designs yourself as well. Making great designs is one thing, making them commercially interesting as well is an art. An art Pascal masters as no other.


Fresh floral inspiration by
Max Hurtaud

A special guest this time in our Magical online flower show.

The talented Max Hurtaud showed his skills, and made 6 different and very inspiring designs


missed the show? no worries, you can (re)watch the show here

Wedding Inspiration by Tineke Geerlings + bonus!

Flower Magician Tineke Geerlings inspired us with all different types of wedding bouquets. During the show, she made 8 bouquets, all in totally different styles, and as a special bonus, she made an extra bouquet after the show.

Tineke (22).jpeg
Flower Circus BallSB Show Mark (5).heic

Untamed Beauty with BallSB

Untamed beauty, that's what it was about during our Flower Circus BallSB show. Flower Magician worked with the new line named Untamed beauty.

A new line of Chrysanthemums from Ball. Together with all the other wonderful products Mark made 6 inspiring designs. 

missed the show? no worries, you can (re)watch the show here

Mother's Day Inspiration by Michael van Namen + bonus!

Flower Magician Michael van Namen was on fire during our Magical Online Flower Show!!! He inspired with 6 wonderful Mother's Day arrangements, and a a special bonus he made a floral tuxedo.

Flower Circus Easter Show - Geertje (1).

6 great Easter designs by

Geertje Stienstra

During our Easter themed show our Flower Magician Geertje Stienstra showed us 6 great Easter designs. Enjoy this lookbook full of beautiful flowers, eggs and feathers ;-)

8 Woman's Day and UK Mother's Day Flower Designs

Flower Magician Tiffany van Lenten showed 7 stunning designs for International Woman's Day and UK Mother's Day.


Tiffany is a master of combing harmonic colors, get inspired with some beauty!


7 Stunning Valentine's Bouquet Arrangements by Mark Frank

In this Valentine-themed show, our Flower Magician made 7 stunning designs. Not only did he make some hand-tied bouquets,


Enjoy this lookbook filled with inspiration for the upcoming Valentine’s Day!

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