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John Elstgeest

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Flower Circus Director

Fun & Important Facts:

  • loves all the flowers

Special Powers:

  • loves all the flowers

Meet John – Flower Circus Director

Let's introduce you to John Elstgeest, an amazing expert in flowers. He has been working with flowers since he was young. He started out picking weeds at a nursery, and during the years build up experience within the flower industry by working for several leading companies; from buyer, marketing to sales, John was driven to learn more about how the industry works. 


For many years and has traveled all over the world, there he picked up a lot of knowledge about floristry, and how every country and region has special tricks to make their business work. Back then John already knew we wanted to share all this knowledge. This was the birth of Flower Circus. Together with renowned designers John travels the world to inspire and to help florists to sell more flowers. Of course, he does this in his energetical style and fully dressed up.


Next to that John often teaches workshops and gives talks about flowers. His love for flowers is so contagious - it's hard not to feel enthusiastic about flowers after meeting him!

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The Timeline of Success

June 2025 - April 2026

July 2024 - May 2025

January 2023 - June 2024

details about important achievements and milestones

details about important achievements and milestones

details about important achievements and milestones

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