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How to Make a Grouped Hand Tied Bouquet in 1 Minute

We continue our Flower Circus how-to video series.

In this one-second video we show you how to create a modern grouped hand tied bouquet. Bold grouped bouquet containing a selection of easy-to-work with flowers.

Enjoy the video, and don't be afraid to experiment yourself!

Discover how to create a wonderful grouped hand tied bouquet in a minute and become a Flower Magician with the help of this movie!

These are the ingredients used:

- Chrysanthemum Magnum

- Chrysanthemum Baltica

- Lilium Genzano

- Lisianthus Alissa White

- Fatsia (Aralia)

- Aspidistra

- Xerophyllum (Beargrass)

- Chamaedorea metallica (Cocos)

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