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van Berlo 

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Flower Circus Flower Magician


  • The Smiling Florist

Special Powers:

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Meet Stefan 'The Smiling Florist' van Berlo

When somebody is smiling all day during his job, you know that that person loves his job. If you see a florist smiling all day, the change is big it's Stefan van Berlo. Stefan is not only very passionate about flowers, he loves to work with them.


It already started a young age making small bouquets for his mother and aunts. He is still making bouquets and flower arrangements, only now it is during demonstrations, photoshoots and weddings.


His skills make that he now is traveling all over the world, when it is about flower designing on Belgian TV he is also the man they go to. This resulted in an amazing flower dress made with Lisianthus flowers, and a live wedding on TV whre Stefan made the arrangements.

When doing shows for Flower Circus, Stefan goes all the way. Not only with his designs, he sometimes even dresses up to fit in the design himself as well ;-)

With Flower Circus she is now traveling all over the world to show his skills, promoting flowers, and to share the love of flowers and floral design.

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