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Welcome to Flower Circus,
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Our website is designed to inspire and connect florists from all over the world in a fun and interactive way. Through our shows, demonstrations, and content, we aim to not only inform but also bring joy to those who share our passion for flowers.


We are a dedicated team of flower experts, fueled by our passion for flowers. Our mission is to share our extensive knowledge and deep love for flowers with you. Through creative masterclasses, fun demonstrations, and accessible online content, we strive to inspire and educate individuals like you about the world of flowers.


Flower Circus shares our knowledge and passion for the flower industry. We do this with demonstrations both on location, as well as online. We are at exhibitions, and of course, we can be found online.


As florists we have the best job in the world, sharing knowledge, challenges and beauty with other florists, hobbyists and flower lovers.



Through their participation in competitions, travel experiences, and regular work, our flower designers amass extensive knowledge.


The most exciting part is that they are enthusiastic about sharing this knowledge through Flower Circus.


This means you now have the incredible opportunity to learn from top designers who specialize in various areas of the flower industry.


At Flower Circus, we believe that flowers and plants are more than just beautiful decorations - they evoke emotions. As a florist, we understand the importance of infusing joy and excitement into your work.


That's why our shows and masterclasses at Flower Circus go beyond being informative - they're also designed to be enjoyable and entertaining! We want to make sure that your floral experience is not only educational but also a lot of fun.


And let's not forget our team of floral misfits - their vibrant personalities and unique flair add an extra touch of excitement to your floral day. 

Really amazing. Love it!
Thank you so much for an inspirational show!

Rosemarie Blair



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