Adding a Touch of Magic to the Floral Industry. 

Our goal is to bring together growers who are passionate about flowers and florists

who are passionate about floral design.


We create a win-win situation for everyone in the floral industry.

  • 18 sep. 10:00 – 19 sep. 18:00
    Tours, Ctre International de Congrès de Tours Val-de-Loire, 26 Bd Heurteloup, 37000 Tours, France
    Le Cirque va à nouveau voyager !!! Flower Circus will be travelling again!!! 3-4 October Flower Magician Max Hurtaud and ringmaster Jhon Koopman will be at Novafleur presenting flowers from leading companies in the industry, and Max will show his magic with these flowers!!!!
  • 21 sep. 15:00
    Flower Circus will be at this wonderful event for flower lovers! Flower Magician Mark Frank, together with John Elstgeest will entertain and inform you with the most beautiful flowers and plants!!!
  • 28 sep. 11:00
    Flower Vision Norwich, Bowthorpe Park Industrial Estate, 29-30 Francis Way, Bowthorpe Employment Area, Norwich NR5 9JA, United Kingdom
    Finally we can come back to our friends of Flower Vision in Norwich for another show. This time our designer will be the very talented Tiffany van Lenten. She is a true colorista and uses a lot of new interesting techniques which you can use in your daily routine as a florist as well


Let your products reach a worldwide audience! The first Friday of the month we host a Magical Online Flower Show. This is the online version of the offline shows.

During this one-hour show, a Flower Magician inspires florists with several arrangements.

Flower Circus - Pictures John (4).jpg


Getting your company’s products noticed both offline as well as online — that’s what  Flower Circus is all about.

We have lots of different ways to reach your customers to make sure they’ll come straight to you the next time they want to buy flowers or plants.


During our shows, our Flower Magicians and Ringmasters will use your products creatively to promote your company.


Our findings, along with photos, will be shared with you in a report after the show.

Really amazing. Love it!
Thank you so much for an inspirational show!

Rosemarie Blair



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