Marketing Campaigns For The Floral Industry.

Getting your company’s products noticed both offline as well as online — that’s what it’s all about at Flower Circus.


We have lots of different ways to reach your clients to make sure you’ll be top of mind next time they want to buy flowers or plants.

To make sure you’ll reach your target audience, we’ll customize your promotions to help you get the best possible result.


During a Flower Circus show, we’ll promote your company and products. Our Flower Magicians and Ringmasters will enchant the customers during the show with your products. 

After the show, you’ll receive a report about the show, our findings, a summary of the reactions of the florists and wholesalers, and, of course, photos that were taken during the show.



Flower Circus loves to attend exhibitions around the world! 

What’s better than an independent company promoting your products? The stand of Flower Circus has proven to be one of the busiest stands wherever we are!



Every first Friday of the month we host a Magical Online Flower Show. This is the online version of the offline shows.


During this one-hour show, one of the magicians will make several arrangements to inspire florists. It’s a great way to show your product to a worldwide audience. 



Target the right audience in the right place with ads, social media management & brand positioning.


We’ll help you to promote on the right platform/social media channel for optimal results! Services include Facebook and Instagram promo and growth, YouTube promo, LinkedIn, Pinterest.



Our Flower Circus crew boasts an award-winning designer who can help you to find the right look for your company.


Identifying yourself with the appearance of your company is crucial. It’s what you stand for!


Most of your customers will never visit your store, but they definitely want to find out more about you via your website or social media accounts. It’s time to make sure your company looks its best for those online visitors!

Our photographer is a former grower and knows how to make your company and flowers stand out from the crowd. Together with our social media specialist, our photographer will select the pictures and videos that will work best online.

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