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How to create the right content for Facebook

The content you post defines your success on social media. However, it’s usually extremely challenging for any business (especially with the current level of competition) to produce effective, high-performing content.

We have come up with this article to help you get started on creating great content for social media: mainly Instagram and Facebook. The rule of thumb for any social media platform is to be consistent with your look, voice, and posting schedule.

In this article, you will learn how to determine what you need to make your content on social media stand out, create regular content with a consistent look and voice, use your marketing goals to develop content.

1. Create a social media content plan

People come to Facebook and Instagram to be inspired and discover things they care about, which is also applicable to content from brands and businesses. As a business, you can create engaging content to help people keep your business in mind. We recommend starting with a plan to work out what to post and how your content can stand out.

Create a plan with these three steps:

1. Clear aim

Goals help you stay focused on what you hope to accomplish with your marketing efforts. Establish a SMART marketing goal and use it to guide your posts.

2. Consistent look and voice

Build consistent visuals and messages across all of your content to establish your business's brand. Use your logo, colors, and products to create your personality.

3. Posting schedule

If you want to grow your business or online presence, it's important to post frequently and consistently to keep your fans engaged and make sure that your brand is on their minds. Create a content calendar to organize and plan your posts.

2. Use marketing goals as a guide for posting

Create content based on your marketing goals to make sure that your social media content is aligned with what you want to achieve for your business. Help people get familiar with your business

3. Make your content valuable for your audience

The information you provide should be perceived as valuable. It’s not about monetary value, but the kind that can turn a person who knows nothing about you, into someone who would want to buy from you.

Ideas that help you add value:

• Tell a story that your reader will relate to. To do this successfully place yourself in their shoes; where are they coming from? What are they likely to be thinking about or Feeling?

• Explain things simply. Even when writing about something technical, avoid jargon and use simple words to explain things more easily.

• Convey emotions. If you present your message well, with emotions that connect to your reader or viewer they should see that what you are offering will add value to their lives (i.e. solve a problem, make life easier, increase their profits…) you get the picture.

• Tell your readers/viewers the actions you want them to take step-by-step. Make it fun, fast, simple and you will benefit from higher reach and engagement at no time!

Of course, our professionals can help you out with making the right strategy for your company. Because of our broad experience in the floral industry and with social media, we can make the winning strategy for you!


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