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Rose Scraper

After working with several different rose scrapers for years, we realized that none of them worked as well as it should.This is why we decided to develop our own rose scraper. Our Flower Magicians clean thousands of roses a year in their shops and during our shows and trade shows. After extensive testing, we finally came up with the perfect solution: the Flower Сircus rose scraper.


It is specially designed to clean the stems of flowers easily without damaging the stem or leaving leaves or thorns behind. In short, it’s a must-have for every florist!

Rose Scraper

€ 17,50Price
  • Easy to Use:

    Even our Director and Ringmaster know how to use it, although they both have two left hands! 


    Ergonomic design:

    Thanks to the special design, you don’t need to apply a lot of strength to clean your flowers. So, no more sore hands or fingers after a hard day’s work.


    Extremely durable:

    The rose scraper is made to last long – really long.

    The only time our Flower Magicians need a new one is when they lose it.


    Minimum damage to stems:

    Because of the round design of the metal, there are no sharp parts, which could damage the stems. The more damage to a stem, the more bacteria can affect the vase life of the flowers negatively.

    1. Remove your Flower Circus rose scraper from the packaging, admire it, and be ready to be surprised by this tool.
    2. Grab the tool with one hand, place your fingers around one side and position your thumb in the length on the other side. This way you can easily squeeze the scraper.
    3. Take one flower in your hand, hold it tightly, and place the scraper on the stem. Squeeze the scraper, and pull it down along the stem of the flower. Make sure you move away from the flower down the stem!
    4. Get more flowers, and be amazed by how easily it works, and how durable this tool is.

    You’ll be using it for many years with a big smile on your face!

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