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8th of March in Russia: Florist Impression

How the celebration of spring, equality, and womanhood

is happening in Russia

The 8th of March is a day where a lot of countries celebrate womanhood. All women will receive presents on this day. As a man, you not only give your own wife flowers, your mother (in-law), also your female colleagues, etc. This makes that it is by far the biggest flower holiday in these counties.

This year we visited St Peterburg and Novosibirsk in Russia to get an impression of what is happening in flower and plant sales during the International Women’s Day.

The weather was in big parts of Russia extremely mild, which helped the sales. Especially the west part of Russia had warm weather. The weather in Novosibirsk was colder, but never the less it didn’t affect on the street sales. They are used to some cold.

The 8th of March is more and more a holiday were people also celebrate the start of spring. This is why Tulips, Daffodils are very popular, next to of course the roses, chrysanthemums, Lisianthus, and gerbera. Another flower that is typical for this day is the Mimosa.

Tulips are more and more locally grown. These tulips are much bigger than the Dutch tulips. Great to see the street sales in Novosibirsk, where a lot of people try to make some extra money, by selling tulips on the street.

At the metro, and at shopping malls and other busy spots in the city, lots of cars have posters, balloons, etc to attract the attention of potential buyers. Almost everybody is selling tulips from their cars, which makes the available assortment not really big.

The wholesalers we talked with had a positive feeling about the sales, although they said they could only really tell after the 8th of March once they have the figures.


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