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Flower Circus Talks: Alison Bradley

Last Friday we had Alison Bradley in our Flower Circus Talks.

We talked about the do's and dont's in promotion for growers and breeders.

With her great experience Alison has seen many good, and bad practices in terms of promotion. She explains what in her opinion should be done.

An important factor there is (like we as Flower Circus do) connecting with each other: Growers should connect with florists and the other way around. Exchange of information will result in sales.

In other words, use each others knowledge. Good florists know the market, and what their customers want. And growers can help in terms of knowledge about the flowers/plants and how to take care of them.

Next Flower Circus Talks will be with Andre van Kruijssen, the 30th of October 15.00 PM CET on the Facebook page of Flower Circus.

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