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FC Talks: Bill Schaffer

In last Friday's Flower Circus Talks we had the multiple award winning Bill Schaffer AIFD, AAF, PFCI.

As a third generation florist, at young age Bill was sure he wouldn't end up as a florist, after sweeping the floor of the flower shop when he was young.

Now years later he is a renown floral designer, found his wife via his work, and now they run Schaffer Designs.

With Bill we talk about the special events and designs they did over the years.

Of course we will also talk about the Philadelphia Flower Show, were they already won so many awards, and even made more floral friends

It is about going all the way to make it look perfect. This not only requires a lot of skills, it also requires a great team. besides that you also need a lot of knowledge about all the flowers.

This and much more in this episode of Flower Circus Talks

Next week a Brexit Special in our Flower Circus Talks, register here


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