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FC Talks: Shabistan Khan

In this Flower Circus Talks we have Shabistan Khan as our guest. Shabistan was during her study already attracted to flowers, spending half her money on buying flowers. No wonder that this woman had to end up in the floral industry.

After started her own flower shop, she worked for Soex Flora, and is now working for Black Tulip Group. Next to this she also writes her own blog ( about her big passion flowers, and everything else that keeps her busy.

We of course discuss about how last Valentine's Day went, to quickly move to the subject of this Talks: Online Marketing. Shabistan have learned it all buy spending hours reading about the subject, and also by asking professionals in this area for help. Her tip: don't be afraid to ask, those people are most of the time more than happy to share their knowledge.

The magical word for social media seems to be targeting. Find your right audience, and start to communicate with them. It is better to start out with a small group, than with a big audience. Test how they react on your posts, and finetune it if necessary. From there you can try to make some bigger steps. Make sure you are visibel as well, so no once in a week posts, as people will not see it.

This and much more great tips and information from Shabistan in this Flower Circus Talks. A must watch if you want to grow your business online!

Next Flower Circus Talks will be with Niek Oudendijk on the 26th of February.

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