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FC Walks: Hyacinth Fields in Holland

"It takes 4 years before you have a Hyacinth ready as cut-flower"

We didn't have the best weather showing the flowering Hyacinth fields in Holland, but this didn't stop Rob van Haaster to share his love for this beautiful flower. Together with cameraman Jhon Koopman, they faced rain, hail, and snow to show, and tell us all about the Hyacinth.

Did you know for example that it takes 4 years from the small bulb to grow out to a bulb big enough it is suitable to force as cut flower? And that breeding new varieties is something that takes many more years. The new varieties that are made now, will (if they make it) be commercial in two generations!!!

With all that effort put in every bulb/flower, it is no wonder that Rob didn't let no bad weather stop him.


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