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Flower Circus Show: 8 great designs made by Thijs Harmens

Flower designer Thijs Harmens is on fire!!! He made 8 flower designs in just over an hour. Starting with a creative frame bouquet made out of thin wood, Thijs showed that making a frame bouquet doesn't necessarily have to be complicated. The frame really made the bouquet much bigger, and more interesting!

Before Thijs started with the next arrangement, we showed the secret of how to unbox a box of anthuriums. This is a frustration for a lot of florists, but after seeing the trick you will do this from now on with a smile!

Salal can be so much more than just a filler in a bouquet. Just a little trick that Thijs showed us as well. During the other bouquets and arrangements, Thijs showed and told us much more tips and tricks for florists.

Flowers Thijs used during the show were from the following companies:

The next show will be on the 1st of October, and the designer will be Geertje Stienstra

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