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Flower Circus Talks Are Back: Interview with Dutch Flower Group

Over the last weeks, John Elstgeest has made an impressive collection of COVID-19 interviews with all kind of players in the international ornamental industry. It is all gathered under the name 'Flower Circus Talks'. 

In the latest episode, Marco van Zijverden, CEO Dutch Flower Group, is being interviewed. Despite the group as a whole, says Marco, has been hit hard, the situation is not that bad at all. The large plant suppliers, like HamiPlan and OZ have even had their best May ever. "The English people say, 'your home is your castle' and that is what happened, many people stayed home. Turnover wise we are at the same level as last year. We hope now June will be also a good month for the plants and summer, normally not a good month for the pot plants. will be reasonably OK."

In the cut flower business where they supply supermarkets, they are at the index of 90, so -10% compared to last year. They experience more difficulties in importing wholesalers worldwide.  Countries in the East and South of Europe still have some problems, primarily because there are no events, like weddings at the moment. They are at the index of 70-80 percent compared to usual circumstances.  

Below the complete interview:


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